SHILLA FIRE Việt Nam, Đại lý SHILLA FIRE Vietnam, Lever-type Monitor, SL-20S, SL-25S-A, SL-25S-P, SL-25S-F

The small-size monitor is appropriate for water flow of 300GPM (1135LPM) or less. When throw water, the reaction force is delivered to the bottom side to enable stability. It can be used as a portable-type or mounted on a hydrant, aerial ladder fire truck and small-scale firefighting boat, etc.
The materials are divided into lightweight aluminum and bronze which later is appropriate for use of seawater. 

Model Size Material Operating
Remarks Add to
SL-20S NH 2-1/2”(F) *
NH 2-1/2”(M)
Upwards +80 degrees
Downwards +15 degrees
Including portable-type and
portable-type support
SL-25S-A NH 2-1/2”(F) *
NH 2-1/2”(M)
Upwards +80 degrees
Downwards -15 degrees
Fixed-type, Support separate  
SL-25S-P PT/NPT 2”, 2-1/2” *
NH 2-1/2”(M)
Fixed-type (Screw-type),
SL-25S-F 2” or 2-1/2” Flange *
NH 2-1/2”(M)
Fixed-type (Flange-type)
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