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Special Features

The analog display of tension meter DX2 shows changing and fluctuating tensions fast and enables an optimal process adjustment
The built-in material thickness compensator compensates different material diameters for a particular range (only DX2-1000 and higher ranges).
Filament guide and roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material
Special finger support located on the rear side reduces the effort to move the outer roller assembly
Custom-built configurations and special calibration are available

Standard Features

Everything in operator’s view:
– the guide rollers
– the measured material
– the readings
Ball-bearing mounted, V-grooved guide rollers
Each instrument is individually calibrated for highest accuracy
41 mm Ø scale
Tension meter with rugged aluminium housing
Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included
Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report


Material thickness compensator

For better accuracy the material to be measured or a similar material with the same diameter should be inserted.


Finger support for DX series

Finger Support

We recommend mounting a finger support for higher tension ranges of tension meter DX2

Tension meter DX2 with a sewing machine

Determine the tension of the thread at a sewing machine with a tension meter DX2-1000-M






Model Tension Ranges Measuring Head Width* SCHMIDT Calibration Material** Material Thickness Compensator
DX2-50     10 – 50 cN   66 mm PA: 0.12 mm Ø no
DX2-120     20 – 120 cN   66 mm PA: 0.12 mm Ø no
DX2-200     20 – 200 cN   66 mm PA: 0.12 mm Ø no
DX2-400     20 – 400 cN   66 mm PA: 0.20 mm Ø no
DX2-1000     50 – 1000 cN   66 mm PA: 0.30 mm Ø yes
DX2-2000   200 – 2000 cN 116 mm PA: 0.50 mm Ø yes
DX2-5000   400 – 5000 cN 116 mm PA: 0.80 mm Ø yes
DX2-8000 1000 – 8000 cN 116 mm PA: 1.00 mm Ø yes
DX2-10K 2.5 – 10 daN 116 mm PA: 1.00 mm Ø yes
DX2-20K-L    5 – 20 daN 216 mm PA: 1.50 mm Ø yes


Calibration: According to SCHMIDT factory procedure
Accuracy: ±1 % full scale or ±1 graduation on scale
Scale diameter: 41 mm
Temperature range: 10 – 45 ºC
Air humidity: 85 % RH, max.
Housing material: Die-cast aluminium
Dimensions: See dimensions
Weight, net (gross): Up to DX2-10K approx. 470 g (1000 g)
DX2-20K-L approx. 580 g (2000 g)