SHILLA FIRE Việt Nam, Đại lý SHILLA FIRE Vietnam, Lever-type Monitor (SL-23WJ SERIES), SL-23WJ-2, SL-23WJ-3, SL-23WJ-4, SL-23WJ-6, SL-23WJ-T

The lever operation monitor is lightweight with very good stability even in high-pressure and high-flow use.
The product is designed to minimized the reaction force of water throw. Stainless Steel & AL-Bronze material are applied to prevent corrosion. Smooth operation even in high pressure or unfavorable conditions.
The level operation monitor is mostly appropriate for use on hydrant or on tower.

Advantage: Lightweight with good stability.
The outlet can be made with BSP thread.
Material: Stainless Steel & AL-Bronze
Operating Range: Upward +85 deg. downwards -45 deg.
Horizontal rotation of 360 deg.
Option: KFI Certified
Model Inlet Size Outlet Size Material Remarks Add to
SL-23WJ-2 ANSI#150 2-1⁄2” NH2-1/2” Stainless Steel
Upwards +85 deg.
Downwards -45 deg.
Horizontal Rotation of 360 deg.
SL-23WJ-3 ANSI#150 3”  
SL-23WJ-4 ANSI#150 4”  
SL-23WJ-6 ANSI#150 6”  
SL-23WJ-T ANSI#150 4” Tower-type


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