SHILLA FIRE Việt Nam, Đại lý SHILLA FIRE Vietnam, BALL VALVE for Fire Truck, SL-48B-AE, SL-48B-AS, SL-48F-A, SL-48G-A, SL-48D-A

BALL VALVE for Fire Truck

The product is an eco-friendly & lightweight valve special for fire trucks, and lubricant is not required. It is safe from foreign substances, and the valve has excellent sealing effect even in poor environments.

Model Inlet Size Outlet Size Remarks Add to
SL-48B-AE(Supply) FLG 2-1⁄2” NH2-1/2” (Male) (25 degrees) •Test Pressure : 2MPa
•Finishing : Anodizing
•Flange : Fire Truck exclusive
•Material : Alluminum
(Option-Bronze, Ductile)
SL-48B-AS(Supply) FLG 2-1⁄2” NH2-1/2” (Male)
SL-48F-A(Suction) NH2-1/2” (Female) FLG 2-1⁄2”
SL-48G-A(Suction) NH2-1/2” (Male) FLG 2-1⁄2”
SL-48D-A(Main Valve) FLG 2-1⁄2” FLG 2-1/2”/ Square Axle
FLG 2-1⁄2” FLG 2-1/2”/ Lever-type
PT 2-1⁄2” PT 2-1/2”/ Lever-type
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