POSITIONERS Rotary Positioners

The Rotary positioners control the movement of the rotary pneumatic actuators according to a proportional control signal.

According to the type of proportional inputn signal, the different types of positioners of the 720 series are:

  • 1720.PR720: Rotary pneumatic Positioner (signal 0,2-1 Kg/cm2 or 3-15 psi).
  • 1721.PR721: Rotary Electropneumatic Positioner (signal 4-20 mA).
  • 1725.PR725: Rotary Electropneumatic Positioner (signal 0-10 V.).
  • 1723.PR723: Rotary Electropneumatic Positioner, Intrinsic safety (Eexia IICT6 ATEX).

This range of positioners are completed with a number of switchingand signalling options.

Electropneumatic Positioners with limit switches and/or TPS Electronic position transmitter (4-20 mA), series 172_.T1SV3, 172_.PRSV3 and 172_.T172_.

For more detailed technical information see corresponding datasheets.

The PR-720 series positioners are designed according to NAMUR (VDI/