Whether you’re brewing beer, optimizing critical pharmaceutical-manufacturing processes, or monitoring industrial wastewater for contamination, you need rugged, reliable, real-time results to optimize your processes and assure consistent quality and regulatory compliance. Galvanic delivers with its Monitek optical-technology-based turbidity, suspended solids, and color monitors, which delivers the highest performance-to-cost ratio of any in-line liquid process monitor on the market today.

The Utmost in Flexibility to Meet Your Toughest Analytical Challenges

Monitek’s two-component systems include modular, fit-for-purpose in-line sensors and submersible, insertion, and cell-density probes. These sensors pair with a messenger controller, which features intuitive multi-language graphical interface, setup via laptop PC or touchscreen, depending on model, automated cleaning cycles, and more. Unlike most turbidity, concentration, and color monitors, which can handle only one probe at a time, Monitek’s universal messenger controller can handle up to four discrete inputs, each individually controllable to monitor different streams or parameters, dramatically lowering the overall cost and complexity of system set up and operation.


Rugged, reliable sensors and probes to meet every analysis need

Extensive configuration of sensor options to meet application-specific requirements, e.g. line size, process connections, sensor material, pressure, temperature, gasket materials, optical path length, etc.

Light-scattering and light-absorption techniques

Standardized and custom-engineered sensor cells

Compact, modular optics

Price/performance advantage

Universal messenger controller delivers unparalleled flexibility and economical operation

Easy set up and intuitive, multi-language graphical interface

Wide range of communication options, including 4-20 mA, relay alarms, RS 232 to a computer, RS 485 Modus protocols and integral data logging

One messenger controller can interface with any combination of sensors (turbidity, TSS, color), with up to four sensor inputs

Each sensor has an independent interface channel on the messenger. Data is displayed and outputted individually with different units of measurement including NTU, JTU, AU, Hazen, EBC, ppm, g/l, % concentration, ASTM color, Saybolt color units, and others

Messenger outputs can interface with customer DCS to provide valuable process information for process control, such as detection of filter breakthrough, upset process conditions, requirement for chemical dos­ing, etc.




Wastewater treatment & chemical-dosing control via suspended-solids monitoring

Coal Mining

Wastewater treatment & chemical-dosing control via suspended-solids monitoring

Copper Mining

Copper-concentration monitoring during ore acid leaching process & refining

Chloride contamination monitoring during copper (sulfate) refining

Food & Beverage

Beer filtration monitoring

Color of food products

Filter breakthrough

Filtration feedback

Turbidity of food products

Natural Gas Processing

Color of LNG & LPG

Oil & Refining / Petrochemical

APHA color in HCL production

Filter breakthrough monitoring in chlor-alkali bleach process

Heat exchanger leak detection

Naphtha color / quality in crude distillation unit

Oil in produced water

Saybolt color scale in refined products

Pharmaceutical & Personal-Care Products

Filtered water process


Control plating operation – copper