Model: 440

The electronic switch utilizes a solid state crystal accelerometer which provides an electrical output when it is deformed by the vibration forces. The output is electronically converted to a signal proportional to velocity. This signal is compared with a preset limit and triggers a solid state relay if the limit is exceeded. There are no moving parts in the 440 vibration switches except when configured with mechanical relays.

An important feature of the switch is the built-in time delay. This prevents triggering of the alarm or shutdown functions from transient increases in vibration levels. It also avoids shutdown due to transitory vibrations occurring during start-up.
Almost all machines experience a few seconds of high vibration during start-up before reaching operating speed. When no time delay function is included, as with mechanical switches, this start-up vibration causes a trip. Frequently, the operator turns the trip setting up until he can get through start-up. The resultant trip level is too high to afford protection at the machine’s operating speed.
Three-second alarm trip delay is standard on the switch. Alarm time delays are independently adjustable in the field over a range of 2 to 15 seconds.
Product Aprox. Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Sample ordering code
440DR-2244-0105 Metrix Vietnam
440DR-2201-0120 Metrix Vietnam
440DR-224-401-20-00-00 Metrix Vietnam
440DR-2044-7100  Metrix Vietnam
440DR-2001-0100 Metrix Vietnam
440-D-R-2-0-0-1-0-1-0-0 Metrix Vietnam
440DR-2201-0105 Metrix Vietnam
SW 440-DR-2201-0105 Metrix Vietnam