MEMOCAL 2000 Multifunction Temperature Calibrator

  • Very low temperature drift
  • High Accuracy
  • High stability
  • Autoranging
  • Simulation and measurement of all popular RTD’s and thermocouples
  • Battery Powered (standard/rechargeable)
  • Digital Communications capability

The MEMOCAL 2000 is a lightweight, versatile, portable, hand-held calibrator developed for use in both field (maintenance) and laboratory (quality control, process simulation, training) calibration.

Brand: ERO Electronic
Product Code: MEM2000


For field calibration the MEMOCAL 2000 offers: compact size, long battery life, easy to use interface, low temperature drift, high noise immunity and simple programming capabilities.

For laboratory calibration the MEMOCAL 2000 offers: digital interface to data loggers, supervision and control systems, large range of I/O capabilities, high accuracy and stability over time.

  • Double linearisation standards for thermocouples and RTD.
  • Operates with standard AA type alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries (Ni-Cd or Ni-MH).
  • Advanced battery power management system
  • Built-in RS232 interface for remote programming and data recording (2000 only).
  • Calibrator cradle, recharger and RS232C/RS485 converter in a companion desk-top module.
  • Autoranging during measurement and generation
  • Simulates and measures T/C signals (15 T/C types) and RTD signals (PT100 and Ni 100).
  • Generates and measures mA, mV, V and ohms signals.
  • Square root extraction and quadratic signal generation.
  • Programmable scaling for mA, mV and V measurement and generation.
  • Built-in 24V dc power supply for 2-wires transmitter excitation and measurement.
  • Programmable external cold junction compensation value.
  • Peak and valley data hold.
  • Direct connection for all input types (no special connectors are required for TC inputs).
  • Up to 50 program steps to create one or more programs.
  • Ramp, soak and step function capabilities.
  • Two dry contact logic inputs for program advance/wait.
  • Two rows by 16 character alphanumeric LCD display.
  • Ergonomic front panel with:
    • numeric multi function tactile keyboard
    • menu driven display with parameters-naming capability