KGP5000: Smart Valve Positioner


KGP5000KGP5000 series smart valve positioner is a control device mounted on the pneumatic actuator for control valve, which positions a control valve according to a 4 to 20mA electric input signal from a higher-level control system or a control device.

Position feedback control system which receives feedback signal mapped to the desired valve travel and compares both input signal and feedback signal enables accurate positioning of a control valve.

In addition, it is possible to use this positioner in order to operate various types of pneumatic actuator such as single and double acting, linear and rotary motion actuators.

Furthermore, the positioner utilizing digital techniques performs the functions of advanced PID controller, local user interface using LCD, diagnostics utilizing sensing techniques with potentiometers and internal pressure sensors.

Such features enable an easy installation and calibration, an effective monitoring and an efficient process management relevant to operations and maintenance.

  Large-screen LCD & easy configuration by 'Full autotune'
    * Local user interface with large graphic LCD by itself enables performing all the operations such as setup, adjustment, status monitoring, execution of diagnostics, etc.
    * The function of 'full autotune' can set automatically zero & span point, and select optimal PID control parameters by automatic tuning.
  Stable valve control using advanced control algorithm
    * Advanced PID control selects suitable parameters according to deviation size, direction.
    * Preset values of PID parameters are provided suitable for linear or rotary actuators.
  Diagnostics and alarm functions for maintenance cost reduction
    * Online valve diagnostics enables the exchange from breakdown maintenance to preventive maintenance through status monitoring.
    * Offline diagnostics checks control valve condition through pressure sensors.
The concept of valve diagnostics using simplified valve signatures
  All-in-one design for inventory-related troublesome reduction
    * Latest digital communication "HART7" compliant
    * Built-in position transmitter function
    * Applicable to both single and double acting actuator only through the switching between single and double mode on pilot relay
  Attachment to several kinds and types of actuators
Input signal 4~20mADC Compliance voltage 13VDC@20mA
Split range available
Linear / EQ / QO / User custom setup (19 points)
Position transmitter
4~20mADC Power supply 17~31VDC
Alarm output *according to NAMUR043
Attachment Linear / Rotary / actuators according to IEC60534-6 VDI/VDE3845
Travel range Linear 12~100mm *Strokes above 100mm with special kits
Rotary 40~100deg
Action Single / Double *Pilot relay is available on direct acting only
Supply pressure 140~800kPa (1.4~8bar , 20~116psi)
Enclosure Housing
Protection code
Pneumatic connection
Electrical connection
Mounting threads
Explosion protection
Aluminum die-casting with baked acrylic painting
IP66 (Common structure)
Rc1/4 or 1/4NPT
G1/2 , 1/2NPT or M20x1.5
Exd IIC T6
Weight 3.0kg(without pressure gauge block),3.3kg(with pressure gauge block)
Non-explosion type
Explosion type
-40~80degC (-40~176degF)
According to each explosion standard
-20~70degC (-4~158degF)
Operating humidity
Air consumption Single acting type 5Nl/min or less@140kPa, 6Nl/min or less@300kPa
Double acting type 12Nl/min or less@400kPa, 16Nl/min or less@550kPa
Maximum output
165Nl/min@140kPa, 370Nl/min@400kPa
Accuracy   Position control Position transmitter output
Resolution/Dead band
0.1%F.S. or less