ELECTRIC ACTUATORS - Lever Arm Actuators

In applications where it is not possible to directly access the rotary valve stem (butterfly and ball valves and dampers) the solution is the use of rotary actuators with lever. The CENTORK actuators with lever cover this special need.

With the integration of a multiturn actuator and a FCW worm gearbox with lever, we obtain a rotary movement that can indirectly be applied to the valve.

In small torque applications the lever is directly mounted on the output of the 480 series quarter-turn actuator.

Both 460/470 series Digital actuators and 400/410 series electromechanical actuators can be used in combination with the suitable FCW worm gearbox with lever.

The 400 or 460 series actuators can be completed with different Centronik control options and with different combinations of switching and signalling options to cover a wider range of applications.

Through the use of the suitable multiturn actuators series (400 or 410;460 or 470), both On/Off or Modulating options can be supplied.

Main characteristics:

  • Torque range from 30 Nm to 350.000 Nm.
  • Operating times from 2 to 900 seconds/90º.
  • Torque and position setting.
  • Various lever lengths and mounting designs.
  • Handwheel for manual operation.
  • High degree of weatherproof protection IP67 (IP68 optional). High quality corrosion protection.
  • Wide range of switching and signalling options.