LECTRIC ACTUATORS - Centronik Modulating

Due to its modular design, the Centronik unit can add different functions, can incorporate different remote communication modes and the adaptation to different standards can be easily achieved.

The Centronik modulating control is the solution used in control aplications with an analog input signal (0/4-20 mA. or 0-10 V.).

The Centronik Modulating control can be used in combination with the 400 and 460 series multiturn actuators and with the 480 series quarter-turn actuators.

The Centronik unit separated mounting (optional) is another important characteristic for aplications where the temperature, vibration or mounting conditions makes the direct mounting on the actuator difficult.

With the use of the latest electronic technologies microprocessor based, the Centronik unit allows the next innovative functions:

  • Programmable functions by frontal keyboard.
  • Local 2 dígits Display for an easy setting, commisioning and communication.
  • Operational datas recording (number of starts, number of torque operations, operating times, etc.), for predective maintenance.
  • Easy adaptation to several different FieldBus communication standards.

Main functions and characteristics:

  • Modular and programable concept due to the use of microprocessor technology
  • Non intrusive Local controls (OPEN, STOP, CLOSE, DES) with LOCAL/REMOTE selector protected by lock.
  • Local Indication with 5 LEDS
  • Local Display with 2 digits for an easy commisioning and communication
  • Motor power control by reversing contactors or thyristors (option)
  • Automatic phase correction and autodiagnostic capabilities
  • 24 VDC power supply.
  • IP67 or IP68 (option) wheatherproof protection.
  • Eex ATEX protection optional.
  • Remote digital communication by FieldBus (option): PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, MODBUS.
  • Electrical connection by terminal or plug-socket.