Metrix Vietnam

Code: 5485C-004

Velocity Sensor - 375°C max., connector version

Metrix Vietnam

Cable Assembly: 4850-050

High Temperature ( 5485 Cable length must be in even increments past 20ft.  Example: Requested 21ft.  Offer 4850-022 (22ft.)   

Kikusui Vietnam

Model: PCR2000LE

AC Power Supplies

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Replaced by: GBS0700MH021A0SC

Temposonics GST Sensor; Stroke length: 700mm

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Code: 400533

Magnet 1 In Od

PORA Vietnam

Model: PRC-20A4

Powder Clutch

PORA Vietnam

Model: PRB-20Y4

Powder Brake

PORA Vietnam

Model: PR-DTC-2100R

Tension Controller

Toshiba Vietnam

Recommend Replaced by: VFS15-2150PM

(VFAS1-2150PM) Inverter

Toshiba Vietnam

Correct: VFS15-2037PM


Sigrist Vietnam

Part No.: 119185

SIGRIST" Laboratory Turbidity; Model: LabScat  2    

90 degree  /25 degree scattered light measurement

Measuring span 0 - 200 EBC, 8 measuring ranges

Measuring wave length 650 nm per MEBAK recommendation; Optical color compensation

Touch screen operation panel; Display: 114VGA, 3.5"

Sigrist Vietnam

Part No.: 114114

Cuvette KPL 501190glass with locking cap

Raytek Vietnam


Raytek Infrared Sensor

Valcom Vietnam

Model: VSW2H-31-4-(-.100~3.500MPa)WR-H3R5MPGC2/MHIK2

Digital Pressure Meter; Calibration: -.100 ~ 3.500MPa

Supply of Valcom VSW2H Series with Directly Connected Sensor

Euroventilatori Vietnam

Model: BPR-351-B (BPR 351 B)

Centrifugal Fan; Arrangement: 4 direct driven; Construction material: Fe-360; Colour: RAL 7038; Discharge position:  RD270

Motor: 3kW 2poles 230/400V 50Hz IE2 B3 ABB brand

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM1200MR02AA01

Temposonics® R-Series; Stroke length: 1200mm

Note: Input Voltage -> +24 Vdc with High Vibration Resistant option

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM0740MR02AA01

Temposonics® R-Series; Stroke length: 740mm

Kikusui Vietnam

Model: 149-10A

High Voltage Digital Voltmeter

MOXA Vietnam

Model: NPort 5610-8-DT

MOXA Vietnam

Model: CP-168U

Soldo Vietnam

Model: SB67200-20W01A2

Limit Switch Box

Vaisala Vietnam

Model: MM70C1A1A5A0B0A2B

MM70 Hand-Held Moisture in Oil Meter

MOXA Vietnam


MOXA Vietnam

Model: EDS-G205-1GTXSFP

MOXA Vietnam

Model: IMC-21GA-LX-SC

MOXA Vietnam

Model: EDS-508A-SS-SC

Eurotherm Vietnam

Serial No.: FC1704002135


Taisee Vietnam

Model: T6-5-4-100ZP

Taisee Vietnam

Model: T6-5-4-300ZP

Eletta Vietnam

Model: S2FA65L (S2 FA65 L)

Flow Monitor with 2 adjustable switching points and analog display

Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BWU1939

AS-i Safety Input Module, IP20, 1SI/2O

Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BWU1367

AS-i Analog Output Module, IP20, 4AO (0...10V)

Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BW1593

30 V Power Supply, 8 A

Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BW1649

AS-i Power Supply, 4 A

Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BWU1644

AS-i Bus Termination

Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BWU1855

Advanced Repeater

Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BWU2186

AS-i Safety Monitor in Stainless Steel, AS-i monitor

PORA Vietnam

Replaced by: PRB-10Y4

(PRB-10Y3) Power Brake

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMT330 340B001DBAD100A0AAABAA1

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

Hans Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DT-311N

Celduc Vietnam

Model: SOR867070

75A/24-510Vac/VDR/Ctrl 3,5-32Vdc/Led/Regulated Input/IP20

Vaisala Vietnam

Model: HMT310-3A5A1BCK14BBDA1B2

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter HMT310-3A5A1BCK14BBDA1B2; Probe code: HMT313; Parameters: Code RH+T

Mounting Plate: Wall Plate with Flange; Power supply: Standard (24 VDC); Signal output: Analog Output (CH1+CH2) Output 4...20mA

Analog output signals for Ch1: Channel 1 RH (0...100%RH)

Analog output signals for Ch2: Channel 2 T (Range See Below)

Analog output range for temperature: Temperature Range 0...+100C

Cable connector: Connection Cable 5m 8 pin M12 Female, Black

Probe type: HMP303 Probe 2m; Humidity sensor type: composite sensor with chemical purge default HUMICAP180RC

Sensor protection in probe: PPS Grid with Steel Netting

Installation kit: Duct Installation Kit For HMT333 and HMT337

Calibration Certificate At Room Temperature