Instruction according to EU directive RC200, RCG, RCC      
  SE, GB, DE, FR, ES, IT,
Western Europe
Nr 955D

  EE, LV, LT, PL, CZ, SK,
Eastern Europe
Nr 965D
  Instruction for troubleshouting
  RC200, RC88, RCG, RCC och RCT Instruction No 867E
  RC200 - Pneumatic Actuators
RC200 Product Information pub014-001-00_0413
RC200-DA / SR Technical Data No 851D
RC200-DA / SR Air consumption/
Operation time
No 865
RC200 Instruction No 836G
RC265-DA Product Information No 886E
RC265-SR Product Information No 887E
RC265 Instruction No 883B
Mounting hand wheel on
Instruction No 834A
  RC200/RC-E10 Product Information No 897
  RC260 / M1 Poster 982001
  RC200 Demanding Applications 981524
  How to Specify Specification No 979      
  Overview RC200 Range Overview      
  RC200-Epoxy Coated Paint Specification No 596A      
  RC200-Epoxy Coated Tikkurila TP44 No 596-mod      
  RC200 - With extended travel adjustment 
  RC200 Extended travel Instruction No 849      
  RCO200 / RCIO200 - Pneumatic Actuators
  RCO / RCIO250-280 Instruction No 833      
RC88 - Pneumatic Actuators
RC88 Instruction No 706B
RC88 Technical Data No 467F
RCG90-100 - Pneumatic Actuators
RCG90-100 Product Information No 461E
RCG90-100 Instruction No 362
RCG90-100 Dismantling No 369
RCG90-100 M1 Product Information No 372A






RCC200 - Pneumatic Actuators
RCC200 Steel Actuator Product Information No 515A
RCC200 Steel Actuator Instruction No 722B
RCC Firesafe Instruction No 700
RCC240 / RC1990 Poster 982003
Rotork GP & GH  - Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators
Rotork GP & GH  Actuator Product Information pub011-001-00_0313_En
Rotork GP & GH  Actuator Model Reading Key GD00724-1
Rotork GP Actuator Instruction F130E
Rotork GP Actuator Torques Pneumatic F120mE
Rotork GH Actuator Torques Hydraulic F121mE
GP Range General Dimension Data- Metric GP_STDE
G Range Valve Coupling Dimension  Data- Metric GD00198-030E
GP Range with HP Override Dimension Data- Metric GP_HPE
GP Range with M  Override Dimension Data- Metric GP_ME
GP Range with MHD Override Dimension Data - Metric GP_MHDE
G Range Microswitch Coupling Dimensioner Data - Metric GD00220E
G Range Power Control Coupling Dimensioner Data - Metric GD00198-040E
RCT - Pneumatic Actuators
RCT200 Product Options No 524B
RCT240 Poster 982002
Overview Special designs Overview
RCE-SR - Elektro-hydraulic Actuators
RCE-SR Product Information No 306A
RCE-SR Instruction No 493A
RCE240-SR Poster 982004
How to Specify Specification No 980
  Twin Power - Pneumatic Actuators
  Twin Power Product Information No 678A
Twin Power for Choke Valves Product Information No 954B
Twin Power Technical Data No 659A
Twin Power Manual No 661C
GDS1:1 -
Actuator Type 114
Spare Parts List No 636B
GDD2:1 -
Actuator Type 214
Spare Parts List No 637A
2:S1 - Console Spare Parts List No 638
  3:S1 - Indicator Bridge Spare Parts List No 644
  4:S - Control Valve Spare Parts List No 640
  5:S1 - Operating Cylinder Spare Parts List No 641B
  6:S1 - Diaphragm Motor Spare Parts List No 642A
  7:S - Piston Motor Spare Parts List No 643A
  6:S1 - STEP Diaphragm Motor Spare Parts List No 664
  3:S1 - Indicator Bridge
old version
Spare Parts List No 639A
  Twin Power 414 Instruction and Spare Parts List No 986
  Twin Power Poster 982007
  How to Specify Specification No 981  
  Overview Twin Power Overview  

RC-E10 Switch Box  
RC200/RC-E10 Product Information No 897  
RCE4L/RCE4 - Switch Boxes
RCE4L/RCE4, Switch Box Product Information No 381F
RCE4L, Switch Box Instruction No 559C
RCE4L, Switch Box Instruction Add. No 557A
RCE4, Switch Box Instruction No 553C
RC1990 - Switch Boxes
RC1990, Ex-proof
Switch Box
Product Information No 396H
RC1990, Ex-proof
Switch Box
Instruction No 398A
RCC240 / RC1990 Poster 982003
Speed Restrictor Product Information No 881C
Mounting Kit, Actuator-Valve Product Information No 891
RCIND Induktive Limit Switch Product Information No 392  
RCEL003-RCEL250 - Electric Actuators

RCEL005-RCEL250 Product Information No 787C
RCEL003 Technical Data No 726B
RCEL003 Instruction No 729
RCEL005 / 005L Technical Data No 408A
RCEL005X Technical data No 410B
RCEL005 / 005L Instruction No 618
RCEL005X / 009X Instruction No 416A
RCEL 005L / 009L PCU Manual No 790
RCEL 005L / 009L SCP Techincal Data No 792
RCEL005 Poster 982005
RCEL006-250 Technical Data No 405H
RCEL006-009 Instruction No 433C
RCEL006-009 Spare Part List No 442B
RCEL015-250 Instruction No 438B
  RCEL015-250 Spare Part List No 442B
  RCEL006-028 SCP Technical Data No 794
  Current Position Transmitter CPT Product Information No 454C
  Local Control Unit LCU4 and LCU5 Product Information No 466
  Local Control Unit LCU6 Product Information  
  Proportional Control Units PCU PB90 Product Information No 457D
  Potentiometer PIU Product Information No 423C
  Mounting PIU Instruction No 429B
  Digital Controller
Product Information No 498
  Digital Controller
Manual No 621
  Digital Controller
Instruction No 624
  RCEL Digital Controller PCU Solid State Instruction No 626
  RCEL Profi-Bus Instruction No 653
  RCEL Profi-Bus with LCU Instruction No 654
  RCEL015 Poster 982006
  RCEL Product Overview Overview  
  Special Design      
RC200-DOS - Pneumatic Actuators
RC200-DOS Product Information No 451B
RCR 0-180° - Pneumatic Actuators
RCR Product Information No 521B
RCR Instruction No 765A