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CS-Instrument Vietnam

P/N: 06955001 0004 Flow Sensor
Type: VA 500 in a case
VA 500 flow sensor, with RS 485
interface (Modbus-RTU)
with analogue output 4...20mA and pulse output (galvanically separated)
calibration certificate included
Measuring range: Standard version (92,7 m/s) (resp.
85,2 m/s at 0°C, 1013,25hPa)
Screw-in thread: G 1/2" outer thread
Mounting/shaft length: 220 mm (ZSL0200)
Option display: with integrated display
Material type: 1,4301 Stainless steel
Gas type: Compressed air
Reference conditions: 20°C, 1000 hPa
Accuracy class: ± 1,5% of measured value ±0,3% of f.s.